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What is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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This article builds on the concepts discussed in the “What is Content?” article.  For an outline of all of the related “Content” articles please click here (Coming Soon).  All articles are written such that they may be read independently and in any order.

Let’s Get Started (What will you learn?):

  • How to develop a content marketing strategy?

  • What to do if your content marketing strategy fails?

Your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to involve lots and lots of planning.  It can be as detailed or as simple as you would like it to be.  The aim of the strategy is to plan out how you will get in front of your audience and determine what message or messages will appeal to them such that they make a purchase from you.

To develop your marketing strategy simply answer the following five (5) questions.

  1. Who is your audience?

  2. What do you want them to know about you?

  3. How will you distribute your content to your audience?

  4. What do you want them to do after viewing your content?

  5. How will you measure the results?

Once you have answered the above questions be sure to implement your strategy.  Observe what elements of the strategy went as planned and what didn’t go quite right.  Make adjustments accordingly and implement your revised plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t make your content strategy a chore or another time-consuming task to add to the lists of things to get to.  Simplify it.

  • Focus on defining who will buy your product, what message will persuade them, and how you will measure your success.

  • If your first strategy fails try again.

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