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What is Content?

Let’s Get Started (What will you learn?):

  • What is content?

  • Why is content important?

  • Where can businesses utilize content for their marketing?

  • What is content marketing and content strategy?

Content is information which is communicated to an audience in the form of text, picture, video, and/or audio. Content can be informative, educational, and/or entertaining. Your business can develop and use content as a way to convey to an audience that your business exists and sells something of value that your customer may want or need.

Content is promoted in commercials to convince audiences to visit a store or website and make a purchase. Content is displayed on social media to attract audience members to a website. Content is utilized on websites to encourage people to spend more time on a website and potentially buy. Content is provided when a person provides a presentation.

In marketing terms this type of content is often referred to as “content marketing”. You guessed it. Businesses of all sizes utilize content to market their business including leading well-known brands and largely unknown brands. Benefits of content marketing include increased awareness of a company’s products and services and increased sales.

Examples of content marketing are all around us. Pick up a magazine, watch television, listen to the radio, browse the internet, ride public transportation, travel the highway, visit the supermarket and you’ll likely be exposed to content marketing.

To be effective content marketing needs to also be aligned with a strategy, often termed “content strategy” or “conent marketing strategy”. A content marketing strategy entails research, developing content, placing it in front of your audience, observing results and making adjustments as needed in an effort to attract and retain customer sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Content is information conveyed to an audience of people which can vary in format, such as text, picture, video, and/or audio.

  • Most companies regardless of size can benefit from content marketing.

  • Content marketing can be made more effective when implemented with a well thought out strategy.

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