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What are Ways to Distribute Content to Your Audience?

Suggested Reading: This article builds on the concepts discussed in the “What is Your Content Marketing Strategy?” article. To start reading at the beginning of the “Content” discussion please click here. For an outline of all of the related “Content” articles please click here (Coming Soon). All articles are written such that they may be read independently and in any order.

Let’s Get Started (What will you learn?):

  • Where can you post content?

  • What should you learn about your audience before posting content?

You want to reach more people in your target audience with your content in an effort to gain them as customers. To do this you will need to place your content in front of prospective customers. This means knowing information about your customers daily lives.

If you know where they live you can send them content by mail. If you know your target audience spends time online you can post content on social media and post online advertisements. Your message can be displayed on the billboard they pass by every day on their way to work. If they listen to a certain radio station you can deliver a message by means of an advertisement. You can place an article in the magazines that they read.

Data is out there and available for you to use to determine where the best place is to post your content. Television, radio, social media, billboard, newspapers, magazines and other sources of media are knowledgeable about their viewership, readership, or listenership. They have spent time collecting demographic data on their target audience so that they themselves can better serve their target audience. Before investing time in posting content in any given media source you should obtain the demographic data that’s already been collected. Upon request most media sources will provide you with this valuable information. Make sure the data matches that of your target audience before you start investing time and money on creating, posting, and distributing content.

Newspapers, magazines, mailers, radio, television, social media, and billboards as previously mentioned are all places where you can post content. Flyers, posters, signs, banners, presentations, clothing items, promotional items, online search engines, email newsletters, websites (including your website) are some other places that you can post content. You can get creative and post content on buildings, sidewalks, and even the sky.

Every day we are bombarded with lots of messages from various companies. It’s up to you to not just to post content but post content in the right place, that gets noticed, and encourages your audience to take action to learn more about your product and service offerings. Keep in mind also that it is impractical to post everywhere. For this reason, you need to be selective about where you choose to post content.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a wide variety of methods for distributing your content.

  • By knowing your target audience, you can do a better job of selecting which method is best for your business.

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