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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Develop a Media Kit

The big guys in the media industry are scouring the internet looking for valuable content to include in their news stories and articles. In today's society not only are the news reporters journalists but everyone posting online on blogs are also publishers. Why not make it easier for the bigger media companies to find and post a story about you? Hopefully, you are ready to learn just how to do exactly that.

Let’s Get Started (What will you learn?):

  • What steps should you take in order to get published in a magazine or newspaper?

  • Where can you find publishers that may be interested in publishing an article about you?

Before you start considering getting published in print by a media source you need to first identify what's unique about what you have to offer. If a big media outlet is going to pick up and run a story about you, then the article they publish, is going to have to be interesting, so it captures the attention of their readers. If a publisher includes articles, no one wants to read, in their magazine or newspaper then eventually their readership will decline, advertising funds will dwindle, and sooner or later the publication will cease to exist. For this reason, publishers will strive to only publish unique and interesting articles. So step number one is to find out what uniqueness you have to offer. If you don't have anything unique then you'll want to create something unique that a publisher would include in a magazine or newspaper.

Step number two is to identify what magazines and/or newspapers you would like to get published in. For this step you will need to spend some time researching and finding out what magazines and newspapers publish articles in the beauty and fashion industry. Consider your local city and state media outlets. While you are at it research top media outlets in your country as well as international media outlets. Identify media sources that would likely publish content about what you are doing in the fashion and beauty industry. Spend time reading articles that they have published so that you are familiar with the types of articles they publish.

Step number three is to create a media kit and post it on your website. Your media kit should include your contact information, several pictures of your products or services, your logo, and lots of facts about your business.

Step 1: Identify Your Uniqueness

Step 2: Identify Newspapers and Magazines

Step 3: Create a Media Kit

Step 4: Make contact with the media agency

Step 5: Wait and then follow-up

Step number four involves contacting the media agency. Hopefully during step two you identified the name and contact information of the person to send your details to. If sending information or an inquiry by email avoid including an attachment. Instead provide a brief summary with a link to your media kit located on your website. Publishers will not want to risk getting a computer virus clicking on a link from someone they don't know. Probably the best way to get published is to first interact with the publishing contact. Don't be afraid to connect with them on social media and find out places they will be in the community. If possible show up to an event they are attending and introduce yourself but don't "sell" right away. Build that relationship. Like and comment on their social media profiles if possible. If contacting them by telephone ask them politely if they wouldn't mind if you sent them your details (make sure to ask for their email address to do so). Ask when is the best time to follow-up.

The last step is to wait an appropriate amount of time and then follow-up. Ask what you can do in order to improve your chances of getting published. Along the way don't forget to say "thank you" to the publishers.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should be unique in some way.

  • You should make it extremely easy for publishers to contact you.

  • You don't have to pay an expert to get published.

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