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Fashion and Beauty Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Live Video Marketing

Ideas for Clothing and Makeup Boutiques

Live video is good for helping people get to know who you are. It allows for people to see beyond the carefully curated online business brand or persona. People get the opportunity to view you in “reality”. Just think of how many people spend time watching reality tv. You have the opportunity to be featured in real-time and be more personable than scripted pre-recorded reality television.

What Will You’ll Learn?:

  • What are the benefits of implementing live video streaming?

  • What applications can you use live video for in your business?

  • Where can you stream live videos?

Surely, you’ve noticed that large consumer brands have adopted the use of influencers, people who are perceived to be more like you and I, to promote their products and services. What differentiates most businesses from other businesses are the workers (people). People are interested in the real you. Show them who you are.

Fashion and beauty are highly visual industries. Videos allow you to expand on the details. For example, your customers can view how a dress flows and how it will move as they walk, how well it fits, how low cut the dress is, and how high the split goes amongst other things. If you sell cosmetics your customers can observe how easy they are to apply, how to wear red lipstick, and other application techniques that can convince them to make a purchase.

Video Applications:

Show people what to expect from your products and/or services. If you are a small business owner keep in mind that people like to stick with brands that they know. Most of us have spent money on a bad product and/or service. As a result, people are more reluctant when it comes to spending their money on something they've never heard or experienced before. Your customer wants proof that their money will not be wasted but well spent. Listed below are some video ideas for your fashion and/or beauty business. Be mindful that you should cautiously use live video to advertise your products. People don’t use social media to view advertisements. For additional inspiration you can check out videos of your competitors or major fashion and beauty companies online on their social media platforms.

Fashion Video Ideas:

  • Sales/Promotions

  • Fashion trends

  • Affordable celebrity look alike outfits

  • Fashion Do’s

  • Fashion Don’ts/Mistakes/Trends to Avoid

  • Questions and Answers

  • Runway shows

  • Photo shoots

  • Staff introductions

  • Garment sketching

  • Customer testimonials

  • Fashion hacks

  • How to make an outfit look good/Ways to style a garment

  • How to go from day to night

  • How to wear clothing different ways

  • Basic garments every woman/man should have

  • Show a seasonal collection

  • Outfits for occasions (date night, vacation, beach, holiday party, etc.)

  • Show new inventory/sneak peek of coming soon inventory

  • Pop-up event/Tradeshow/Conference presence

  • Sustainable Fashion/Cost of Fast Fashion (if you sell garments made of natural fibers)

  • Fashion Industry Secrets

  • Garment production process

  • Home shopping programming

  • Gift guides

Beauty Video Ideas:

  • Sales/Promotions

  • How to select the perfect foundation

  • How to apply makeup tutorials

  • Makeup transformations

  • 5-Minute makeup routine

  • How to recreate a celebrity’s look

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Questions and Answers

  • New product arrivals

  • Staff Introductions

  • Makeup looks (natural/everyday, glam, date night, bold, futuristic, theater etc.)

  • Client testimonials

  • Beauty Secrets/Hacks

  • How to go from day to night

  • Makeup Brushes every woman should own

  • Pop-up event/Tradeshow/Conference presence

  • Skincare advice (anti-aging)

  • The best foods to eat for healthy skin, hair, nails

  • How to use makeup brushes

  • How to clean makeup brushes

  • How long makeup lasts

  • How to conceal blemishes

  • Gift guides

  • Products to travel with

  • How to organize makeup

Pre-recorded Video/Live Video Platforms:

Live videos may be recorded and posted online on various platforms including but not limited to those below.

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

Live Video Tips:

  1. Promote the live video in advance on the social media platform that it will be recorded on as well as your other platforms (website, email, social media, live events, etc.)

  2. Consider writing an outline in advance of what you’d like to talk about.

  3. Be sure to have good lighting.

  4. Welcome your viewers, introduce yourself and your topic. Thank viewers for watching.

  5. Interact with viewers, ask/answer questions, and thank viewers by name for joining.

  6. Offer give-away items and discounts to viewers (make sure to follow the platforms guidelines).

If you’re not so sure about doing live video you can still apply many of these techniques to a prerecorded video post or picture post.

Key Takeaways:

  • Live video is awesome because it gives you an opportunity to show your clients what to expect from your products/services and can help convince them to make a purchase.

  • Inform people in advance as to when you will be live streaming


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