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Fashion Entrepreneurs of Houston November Monthly Meeting


      Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


      Capone's Oven & Bar

      2303 Richmond Avenue

      Houston, TX 77098, USA

      (We will be on the second floor of the venue.)

      Panel Discussion:  Ask the Entrepreneurs:  

      How Entrepreneurs Choose the Next

      Steps to Take


      6:00 PM - 6:30 PM:  Registration and Networking                           

      6:30 PM - 7:30 PM:  Dinner & Panel Discussion

      7:30 PM - 8:00 PM:  Networking

      Panel Discussion Details: 

      What will you learn?

      Learn how local fashion and beauty business owners make entrepreneurship work for them, build their businesses, and answer your questions live.

      Take advantage of this upcoming entrepreneurship panel talk.  This is an opportunity to hear several local entrepreneurs speak about their experience in the fashion and beauty industry and how they have created and developed their companies.

      Ask them some questions such as:

      • How has your business changed since you’ve started? 

      • What are some of the resources you’ve utilize for your business?

      • How do you get the word out about your business?

      • How do you collaborate with other brands?  What are the advantages?

      • What are some important first steps for starting a business?

      Speaker(s) Bio: 

      Nene Taylor

      Taylor the Esty is a licensed esthetician and corrective skincare coach. She specializes in corrective skincare treatments such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and anti-aging. As a victim of adult acne herself, she understands the negative effects that these skin disorders can have on a personal and professional level. Taylor will coach you through the process of achieving new skin and building confidence. Begin your new skincare journey with Taylor the Esty today!

      Sa’Dreaka Ogletree:

      My story begins as a little girl sitting on my mother’s bed watching her put together these crazy outfits getting ready to hit the club scene. This was the 80’s era and she wore some of the coolest hairstyles, colors, prints, and of course shoes! From those moments, I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry but didn’t know what I was going to do in it. My aunt Sharon, whom I lived with for a couple of years use to make her own curtains, pillowcases, bed shams, bed skirts, pretty much anything with a needle and thread!


      After high school and a few career changes, I still was not fulfilled. I knew I had to be into the fashion industry some type of way. I enrolled in Houston Community College fashion program to brush up on my sewing skills and learn about patterns, textiles, clothing construction, and pattern making. 


      I’ve been custom designing gowns and formal wear for the past 7 years and my business is growing rapidly. My proudest moments are participating in NYC and Paris fashion week. I introduced my custom collection, House of Cavone, this October.


      Kai Hadassah:

      If I could tell anyone one thing about myself, I’d say one thing that certain is I always knew I’d be on my own payroll. I’ve always been the type of person to lead and innovate. My name is Kai, and I am the owner of Akpan Enterprises LLC.

      I was born and raised in Missouri City, a suburb of Houston, Texas. I am the eldest of two children. My mother is a Michigan native and my father is of Nigerian decent.

      In my early years, I can recall being a hand full, but I wouldn’t describe myself as disobedient. I feel as though inquisitive is more befitting. I always wanted to explore the “why” of the instructions I was given by adults. I guess one could even conclude that I tested the limits of what I was allowed to get away with. Many of my childhood friends described me as bossy. After all, I am the oldest, so responsibility is typically tied to that role. Part of being responsible is decision making. This is probably one of the biggest factors that contributed to my way of thinking and the perspectives I have.

      Upon graduation from high school, I enrolled in Houston Community College. I later attended the University of Houston Central Campus. Fashion and English Language are two things I’ve always loved, so I double majored in Retail and Consumer Science as well as English Literature. At the time, I did not take higher education as seriously as I should have. It’s not that I didn’t value an education; it’s just that I saw a different path for myself. In hindsight I now understand how both degree plans helped prepare me for what I was always destined to be; a BOSS.

      In 2011, I made my first attempt at being a boutique owner. I was extremely excited and I just knew I could attract customers if I had tons cute of products to sell. My approach couldn’t have been more wrong. I failed miserably. There were people at the time telling me that the markets I was interested in were too saturated and I should consider other avenues. Thankfully, my level of ambition has always been high. I did not let that failure stop me. The only thing it did was make me more determined.

      Today, I am a serial entrepreneur and the owner of three different businesses; Investment Inches, 22 and 34th and Mane Couturier.

      Investment Inches is a wholesale and drop ship hair extension company. We provide quality extensions to businesses and individuals. Although our customer base varies, we specialize in small businesses and startups.  

      2234 Is a clothing boutique. The pieces offered are stylish and unique. We have a wide range of styles. There is something for almost every type of customer.

      Mane Couturier is a retail hair extension company. Our low prices and extensive inventory has been extremely attractive for individuals who love to look great without breaking the bank. We have something to fit every budget.

      Though my businesses are now successful and generating revenue, it has not always been that way. One of the biggest lessons in life I have learned is persistence, perspective and prayer are instrumental to success. Never allow someone else’s limitations to be yours. The sky is truly the limit. It is cliché, but it’s also true.


      Zina Oduah:

      Creating lavish glowing skin has become one of my main goals in life. Bring that into reality has brought joy into my life including others. Hi my name is Zina and I am the founder of Lavish Skin.



      Briana Davis:

      My name is Briana Davis. I am a young independent woman who thrives to inspire  women daily to love themselves whole heartedly everyday. I believe practicing   self - care  is the best way to empower women so they to can achieve all their goals giving themselves the life they truly desire. By self love being my passion I am now launching my lingerie online boutique Sivad in the beginning of 2020. As we all know lingerie makes many of us women feel sexy and confident on the outside , I want my clientele to feel sexy and confident within. 

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