How to Start a Beauty Business Course Details

What you can expect to learn:

1.  Planning

  • How long will it take to start up your beauty business?

  • What are the steps that it will take?

2.  Legal

  • What are the various types of business?

  • How do you legally set up a business?

  • How do you file taxes?

3.  Branding

  • Where can you go to get your logo designed?

  • Where can you get business cards?

  • What should be on your business cards?

  • What other marketing materials should your purchase for your beauty business?

4.  Website

  • Why do you need a website?

  • What website provider should you use for your beauty business?

  • How should you design your website?

  • How do you sell products and services on your website?

  • What do you need to do so that customers can find your website?

5.  Social Media

  • What social media sites should you use?

  • How often should you post on social media?

  • What type of content should you post?

6.  Self-Assessment & Professionalism

  • What resources do you have to start your business?

  • What are your limitations?

  • What more do you need to learn?

  • Are you using your time wisely?

  • What are some do's and don'ts of running your business?

7.  Product

  • Should you design your products yourself?

  • Should you hire someone to provide services?

  • Where can you find manufacturers?

  • How should you package your products and services?

  • How can you deliver your products and services to your customers?

8.  Selling

  • Where can you sell you products and services?

  • How much should you charge?

  • What should you say in your pitch?

9.  Finances

  • How can you create a budget for your beauty business?

  • What software should you use to keep track of your finances?

  • What will your expenses be for your business?

  • What will your income be for your business?

10.  Next Steps

  • What else should you learn?

  • What else would you like to learn?

  • What should you improve upon?

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How long will it take to get started?  What is the process?  What are the legal requirements?  If you are wondering these things about starting your beauty business then this course is for you.  You'll have the opportunity to learn the answers to those questions and lots more.


Thank you for your interest in registering for our course.  Enrollment is $225.  Space is limited.  This course is currently being offered to members only.  To learn more about membership please visit our membership page.


Below you will find an outline of our remote learning course.  There are eight (8) sessions which are 30 minutes in duration.  The course instruction will be communicated via telephone.  Course materials will be available online.


After you have registered for the course you will be contacted to verify your availability and your sessions will be scheduled.  You will also gain access to the course materials.

  1.  Planning

  2.  Legal

  3.  Branding

  4.  Website Design

  5.  Social Media

  6.  Self-Assessment & Professionalism

  7.  Product

  8.  Selling

  9.  Finances

10.  Next Steps

Enrollment is closed for 2019.  This course will resume again in January 2020.  Click below to pre-register and pay later.  Space is limited. The cost for the course is $225.

How to Get Started with Your Beauty Business

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