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Title:  What Is SEO?


What will you learn?

  • How can you improve your chances of getting found on the internet?

  • What’s the importance of good quality website design?

  • How can you identify keywords and phrases to include on your website?



Hi, I am Kelly Richardson the founder of Fashion Entrepreneurs of Houston.  There exist over a billion websites online.  You shouldn’t think that just by having a website you’ll get found.  Today you’ll learn search engine optimization strategies you can implement to help your prospective customers find you online.


What is Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO?  SEO are the strategies that you implement in order to get your website to show up, preferably on top of the first page of search engine results, when someone is looking for information that relates to what you offer on your website, most common products, services, or information.


There are lots of search engines being used across the globe.  In the United States Google is the most utilized search engine followed by Bing.  Different search engines require different SEO strategies.


The thing is…Google doesn’t tell you exactly how to get your website to appear at the top of search engine results.  Not only that, the requirements are constantly changing.  Google does however provide a “Beginners Guide to SEO.”  Not to worry though, others have figured out a lot about what it takes to show up in search engine results.  Every year a company called Search Engine Land issues an annual report titled “Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO”.  There’s also “MOZ SEO Beginner’s Guide”, “Quick Sprout SEO Guide”, and “SEO for WordPress” along with many other resources that may be found online.


Now that you know how to find information on your own, we’ll cover some basics.  Google is a business.  Google makes money off of advertising which is shown amongst search engine results.  Businesses like yours pay money to appear high up in the search engine results.  Consider when you search for something in Google.  You expect the results to be relevant to what you searched for.  If this didn’t occur, you’d use another search engine.  If you used another search engine Google would lose money.  Google makes every effort to make sure search engine results are relevant thus you keep using Google and Google keeps making money.


One of the things that factors into relevancy are the words and phrases that are being searched for.  If someone were to search and find your business what would they likely enter into a search engine?  You should take the time and make a list of keywords and phrases and then incorporate them on your website in places that make logical sense. 


Keep in mind, you have the opportunity to provide a page description for every page on your website.  This will appear in the search engines above your website URL.  Make sure to fill out your webpage Meta Descriptions.  This is what search engines display in the search results below your website URL.   These are critical elements because your prospective visitors will use your descriptions to determine whether or not to visit your website.  Descriptions are a good place to utilize keywords.


Google also wants to show you the most credible websites.  Websites that end with .gov, .edu, and .org are considered credible websites.  Social media websites are also considered credible websites.  Chambers of Commerce are credible websites.  Online business listings can be considered credible websites.  To make your business more credible online you can make sure you have a social media profile that links to your business website.  You can also list your business on online business listings.  The more places you obtain links to your website from other credible websites the more chances you have of your business showing up online.


No one wants to type in a search engine and arrive on a website that looks like a scam.  Keep in mind anyone can create a business online.  That’s why it is very important that you pay special attention to the design of your website.  Make sure your website has a professional appearance and layout.  Make sure contact information is readily available.  Make sure it is easy to navigate.  Make sure you have quality content on your website.  If visitors arrive on your webpage and quickly leave that tells Google that your website isn’t relevant.  If it’s not relevant then Google will likely not show it again in search engine results.  You want to make sure visitors have a reason to spend time on your website.


Search engine optimization is not a one and done type of thing because the criteria for showing up at the top are constantly changing.  If you’re not showing up you need to take some action to optimize your website.  Be aware that most people don’t look past the first few pages of search engine results.  As a quick test, type in relevant keywords you’d expect to show up for, and see if you are able to find your website.  Now check where you show up in another search engine.  Keep in mind it takes time and often a lot of work to show up in the results.  There are professionals that make a living solely doing SEO for businesses.



Getting more visitors to your website is the first step towards making money online for your business.  Make sure to include keywords on your website, obtain links from other credible sources linking back to your website, and ensure your website design has a professional appearance and layout.   Be sure to take these actions to get your name, products, and/or services out in front of more prospective customers. 


Your action for this week is to think about who will be visiting your website.  Make a list of keywords and phrases that visitors would enter into a search engine to find you, then add those words to your website.  You’ll probably also want to check out some of the resources mentioned earlier to get a more in-depth understanding of SEO.  Thank you for watching.  See you next time.



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“Beginners Guide to SEO.” 

“Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO”.

“MOZ SEO Beginner’s Guide”

“Quick Sprout SEO Guide”

“SEO for WordPress


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