What to Put on Your About Page

Title:  What Should be on Your About Page?

What will you learn?

  • What should your about page say about your business?

  • What should your about page say about you?

  • What purpose does an about page serve?


Hi, I am Kelly Richardson the founder of Fashion Entrepreneurs of Houston.  Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your website.  It’s where your visitors go to find out, who you are, and what you care about.  In today’s video you’ll learn what you should have on your about page.


What should your about page say?  Whatever you want it to say.  Be yourself.  Get creative.  There’s no specific template that you need to follow.  You can include a picture of yourself, a picture of your workers, and biographies.  Or you can decide not to.  You can specify where you’re located, how long you’ve been in business, and/or your level of expertise.  Or you can decide not to.  You can talk about what makes your products and services great.  Or you can decide not to.  You can talk about what makes your business so awesome.  Or again, you can decide not to.


What do the visitors that arrive on your page want to know?  This is what you should address on your about page. The answer to what people want to know will vary by industry and also by individual business.


You should consider who will be visiting your page.  If they are a consumer, they’ll likely want to know what your business will do to help them with their problems.  They may also want additional assurance, that your business is legit and not a scam.  If the visitor is the media, looking to write a story about successful fashion entrepreneurs for example, they may want to know how you got started and why.  If an investor visits your page, they may want to read about how successful you’ve been. 


Your about page provides you a chance to stand out and be memorable, and convey your friendly personality. Try to avoid making it just about sales.  Let visitors decide on their own, that you and your business are worth the investment based on your written about statements and other information provided elsewhere on your website.



All the visitors, that I previously mentioned, are visiting your about page for information.  Make sure you take the time and craft a page that provides useful information.  The length of text for your about page may be short or long.  It’s up to you to decide what information you’d like to share and not share.


Many business owners don’t want their name and photo associated with their business.  That’s okay.  Just understand your about page helps answer questions that visitors may be wondering about.  When visitors have unanswered questions, they will probably leave frustrated.  In today’s society your personal brand is becoming more and more important to consumers.  We’ll cover this in a future video.


It’s also a good idea to include a call to action on your about page.  Once a user has visited your about page what would you like them to do next?  They’re likely ready to inquire even more about your business.  They may want to contact you.  Consider providing a link or email address.  In addition, they may want to connect with you or find out more about you by visiting your social media profiles, so make sure they are available to click on.


Your goal should be to provide your visitors with the information that they are seeking.  That’s how you craft an effective about page.


Your action for this week is to think about who will be visiting your about page.  Think about what information they would be looking for.  Review your about page and update it as needed.  Thank you for watching.  See you next time.

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